What do you hope for?

Beyond the immediate things that come and go - we all long to have hope in something with lasting fulfullment and will never let us down. That sure and lasting hope is found only in Jesus. This same Jesus says, “be prepared to give a reason for the hope you have…” (1 Peter 3:15). Hope Lutheran church exists for just this purpose - giving you the hope that is found and founded in Jesus.

My wife, four children and I moved here in July, 2010, to continue the ministry of reaching out to Henry County. From the moment we arrived, we have been received with open arms here at Hope Lutheran. These same arms are extended out to you. Come and see what Hope is all about. Come and meet people that need and know their Savior. Hope Lutheran functions as a family that worships, encourages and grows together - always centered on Jesus. Come and be a part of a church where personal time with the pastor is a standard. Experience Christ’s love in action and be encouraged on the way that leads to eternity.

Pastor Tomhave